How Long Should You Be Sore After a Car Accident?

Car Accident

Whenever you are involved in an accident, you will feel it. Your body is bound to be sore for some time, depending on the severity of the car accident. It could last for a few weeks or even feel for months. Chronic pain will reduce as you continue to receive medical attention.

Lingering pain or discomfort after being involved in a car accident is usually an indication that you have a more severe injury. Therefore, you should seek treatment.

Injuries will vary and take different times to heal, depending on the complications.

What Injuries Cause Soreness after a Car Accident?

Accident victims suffer different injuries such as;

Strains and sprains

Strains and sprains are some of the injuries suffered in accidents. Whether high speed or slow, collisions causes the body muscles to move in unnatural ways, resulting in injuries. It causes tears and strain in the muscles and tendons. Even though some light sprains and strains can heal without medication, some dire situations may force you to visit the emergency room.


Whiplash is caused by the sudden back and forth impact in the neck area. It is usually associated with rear-end accidents. It is also a severe injury. As the car continues to move forward, your head and neck suddenly whip ahead and match the car’s momentum.

Traumatic brain injury

Brain injuries occur when the head is truck during an accident. Such an injury is harrowing and can be accompanied by headaches. The head is a delicate part of the body and thus should be treated with urgency, rushed to the emergency room to avoid further complications.

High spinal cord injuries are often recorded in car accidents because of the sudden stop during collisions.

How Long Should You Be Sore After a Car Accident?

Muscle soreness generally lasts six weeks or longer after a car accident. You must follow the doctor’s advice who treated your sore body after a car accident. 

The insurer may find a reason to deny your claim for failing to follow your doctor’s instructions. A doctor can track your healing progress and, should your injuries not heal within a reasonable time frame, send you for further examinations.

What to Do When Injuries Appear Long After a Car Accident?

It is essential to act fast and not wait for an extended period. You deserve fair and just compensation, but the pain is hard to prove. Seeking medical attention will give you an official report on your condition, after which you can contact a business lawyer.

When pursuing a settlement, a personal injury attorney using the following factors will have to prove the level of pain you have sustained in an accident.

  • Talk to your doctors.
  • Interview expert witnesses
  • Calculate actual and potential costs: The attorney collects and records the receipts and notes down other purchases that you will make to treat your pain.
  • Talk to friends and family: Families and friends know you best and are better able to detect any change in you after you are involved in an accident. From your mood, they can tell when you are in pain.

A driver should reach out to an experienced car accident attorney to help you sort out an auto insurance claim. Your auto insurance company is entitled to offer you compensation after receiving accident scene reports. A personal business lawyer will handle all the heavy lifting for accident victims.

Why Should You Always See a Chiropractor After an Accident?

It would be best if you did not let car accident injuries such as back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, and other spinal conditions trouble you for long. Chiropractic is a proven relief for muscle soreness that will rectify the misalignments. It is achieved when the therapy manipulates joints in the spine.


You may be bothered by how long you should be sore after a car accident. It would help if you took quick action; delegating to your business or an experienced car accident attorney is the right way to go. 

Drivers should be observant during lousy weather. When visibility is low, they should be more alert to avoid causing accidents.

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