What Color of Car Gets in the Most Accidents?

What Color Car Gets in the Most Accidents?

Does car color determine how likely it is for a car to get into an accident? Probably, the worry that most people face whenever they want to purchase a new vehicle. What should one focus on? Is it the color or safety features?

Since safety technology shields from crash risks, it is not capable of preventing car accidents. According to research, color makes the difference in more crashes. So, you might want to think carefully and get to know what color car has the most accidents as you choose a new vehicle.

What is the safest car color to select?

Generally, cars with more visible colors are less accident risk. Well, the difference between light-colored and dark-colored cars is that light-colored cars are visibility. Light colors stand out and remain highly visible at nighttime.

What car colors have the most accidents?

Here are the colors associated with the most significant risk in vehicular accidents hence the car colors to avoid.

Black cars

Many may prefer black cars, but it is proved that black vehicles get into more car accidents. Many get into crashes, especially at night, because the color is not that visible.

Gray and silver cars

If you consider purchasing a gray or silver vehicle, know that gray is a dangerous vehicle color, with silver closely following. Other drivers find it challenging to see grey and silver cars. They may seem like bright colors, but many of the road surroundings are of the same color.

Blue cars

Even though Blue is a prevalent car color, they also have a higher crash risk. A lot of the road surroundings, including the sky, are blue, making blue cars hard to locate.

Red cars

Red is a very vibrant color, but red vehicles also have a higher crash risk. Because red is used on roads in road signs, traffic lights, sirens, and brake lights, it might be more challenging for the driver to see the red vehicles.

Green cars

Green is such a dominant color on the road and also the surroundings. It makes green vehicles camouflage, especially when on roads with the surrounding vegetation. It becomes a challenge for other drivers to distinguish green vehicles from landscapes, road signs, and buildings.

What car color has the least accidents?

White cars

The safest car color is white. Even during bad weather like fog or at night, it is easy to distinguish white cars. Other drivers quickly note them hence the reduction in accident involvement. White vehicles are easy to see.

Yellow cars 

Yellow is also another safe color for vehicles. It is a very bright color that stands out in any condition, allowing motorists to spot yellow cars easily. Probably one of the reasons that most cabs are white and yellow cars, easily seen.

Orange cars

Orange cars have a reduced accident risk. Orange stands out, making the vehicles more visible. Orange is a unique color, and thus, other drivers will easily spot orange cars on the highway. Road surroundings are rarely orange; this makes orange cars even stand out more.

Gold cars

Gold vehicles stand out, making gold a safe color choice for cars. Gold cars fall into the same category as white, yellow, and orange. The high visibility makes these vehicles a safer alternative.


As much as the color of the car is a primary factor, observing driving safety will determine what happens to you on the roads. If you drive crash risk car colors, always follow the speed limit.

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