Where do Most Car Accidents Happen?

Where do Most Car Accidents Happen?

It is impossible to predict exactly when car road accidents happen but based on patterns of previous carnages and accident scene reports. Accident-prone areas have been identified. Auto accidents frequently occur in urban areas as compared to rural roads.

Where Car Crashes Occur

According to a study, most fatal car accidents happen within your home area. It has been proven that more than half of accidents, not fatal, occur within just 5 miles of the home. Out of which, more than 70% of them are just approximately 15 miles from the drivers’ home.

10 Most Common Places Where Car Accidents Happen

Most crashes occur in the following areas;

Urban and Rural Roads

Such accidents are caused because many drivers are exhausted and sleepy after being behind the wheel for hours nonstop, making them less alert. Some drive too fast on not so busy highways. However, many die on rural roads. There is a significant difference in numbers when it comes to the total deaths per mile driven compared to the urban roads. This means that when car accidents happen in rural areas, one is more likely to die as compared to the urban areas.


Accidents majorly occur at intersections. Some drivers are incapable of driving at intersections; this forces them to make unsafe, unnecessary turns hitting other cars, or veering off the road. Because of many cars, at times, there is confusion on who has the right of way. Distracted drivers fail to hit the brakes on time, causing accidents.


No driver enjoys traffic hours. A majority are usually in a hurry and intend to overtake cars ahead of them, even in tight spaces in the process causing collisions. Researchers suggest that, at times, accidents in traffic are caused by aggressive drivers who reverse and speed off into traffic, causing serious accidents.


Statistics indicate that a majority of accidents are more likely to happen close to a person’s home. Research shows that when driving in familiar routes, probably ones leading to the home, the driver’s brain is less alert, switches to autopilot. This opens up room for side thoughts making the driver absent-minded. The brain tends to rely on muscle memory rather than active driving skills.

Parking Lots 

Parking lots constantly have several cars moving in and out. Despite often in low speeds collisions happen when cars back up in the other, drivers sideswipe as they squeeze in tight spaces. Injuries sustained at parking lots are usually minimal, if any, but the car damages are expensive.

Two-lane roads 

Two-lane roads are also known for car accidents. Some drivers are usually in a rush and therefore want to overtake all the cars in front of them. This does not usually go well because they end up overlapping, causing collisions with other cars when overtaking. 

Rush Hour Traffic 

A majority of the fender benders accidents reported usually occur in rush hour traffic. Drivers may be injured in a car due to rear-ending crashes that are caused by distracted drivers.

Stop signs 

There are many stop signs on the roads. Researchers have shown that debilitating injuries are sustained by drivers who run the stop signs at intersections.

Roadsides or Shoulders 

People often walk and crossroads in areas not meant for them. This makes the drivers more vigilant and alert. Some drivers may not expect individuals or groups using the road to be present in such areas. Often, they have to navigate and maneuver to keep the pedestrians safe. Those unable to hit the breaks in time usually end up on the roadsides as they attempt to avoid hitting a pedestrian.

Shared use Paths or Trails 

It does not necessarily take two vehicles for a car accident to occur; in some situations, cars get into accidents with pedestrians.


When you are involved in an accident, things tend to move fast, but as a driver, there are several things that are expected of you. Note down the other driver’s details. Writing down or taking a picture of the license plate number could prove beneficial. You can as well call the police and have them write up an official traffic accident report. Such measures would be significant when you talk to a lawyer for legal advice.

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